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FSL has a web-based quotation system that you can access with your own unique broker login ID and password.

This system provides you access to all your client quotes and approved loans, so you can monitor and manage renewals and new loans.

FSL’s online system can interface with your broker system to allow for direct generation of quotes and interactive reporting.

FSL also offers clients the ability to sign contracts physically or utilise the e-Signature functionality whereby the client can accept terms through an online access code.

Key features

  • Secure broker login and password
  • Quick access to client loan information which provides real-time transaction history, loan balances and contact details.
  • Track settlement and commission payments scheduling and amounts.
  • Auto renew clients’ loans using the `Express Funding’ feature. This allows you to rollover existing loans without the need for the client to complete a new loan application each year.
  • e-Signature allows the client to approve a loan electronically online with their own unique login and password.
  • You can choose the amount of commission required on each loan, plus settlement terms.

Efficient quick and seamless.

  • Our online system reduces administration and speeds up loan approval time.
  • e-Signatures give your client the option to access their loan details via a secure web link and accept their loan terms electronically.
  • Click here to find out more about how e-Signatures work.
  • If you don’t have a login contact us today on: to register or call 0800 379 637.