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Cash flow management

Spreading the payment of insurance premiums allows organisations to alleviate income forecasting problems by actively managing their cash flow and thereby reducing uncertainty.

Optimise working capital

The organisation’s working capital is retained by using a premium funding service and this money can be used to optimise other areas of the business operation, such as market research, product development or simply to have access to cash during times of economic uncertainty.

Additional funding source

Organisations can utilise FSL as an alternative funding line to relieve pressure on an existing bank facility to pay their insurance premiums.

Tax deductible

The cost of credit charge is tax deductible for businesses.


All costs to our clients are disclosed up front and the finance rate is fixed for the duration of the loan agreement.


Unlike banks, the security criteria for arranging a premium funding contract are simple. Clients do not have to sign personal guarantees or mortgages, or worry about onerous fees and set up costs.

Business protection

Insurance is a necessity of any business operation. Premium funding provides a facility to enable organisations to more easily afford their annual insurance costs. This allows organisations to operate with confidence, knowing that unexpected losses of assets, customers and profits are protected.